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about us

Why the light bulb?

With management expertise in the automotive industry, information technology and finance, the board at MySpare often get first hand experience at the real world problems that we solve. The light bulb above was taken from a Holden Barina. Our aim is to continue to evolve our technology to a point where consumers are able to purchase any part or vehicle without technical know how. You'll be happy to hear that the light bulb was succesfully replaced, but the lessons learnt have been profoundly integrated into our research and development.

our history

Where we started

Whilst restoring a Shelby GT500, co-founder Jason experienced much hardship trying to find the right parts online. After prolonged frustration Jason approached Andres, who was a leading IT specialist consulting for multinationals, about the problem and together they formed MySpare.

Our rise

MySpareParts experienced unprecedented growth with 100,000 parts listed online within 12 months of launch. MySpareCar had the same success with over 20,000 cars and 160 dealers on board within 12 months of its launch.

Research & development

Despite such a powerful beginning, continued research and development within MySpare promises an even more exciting future. Stay tuned for the unveiling of game changing technologies.

Why us

Automotive specialists

Computer systems are only as good as their design. Generic systems can generally handle a broader range of inventory but are found wanting when it comes to their real world application. The purpose of our systems was identified and designed from the start, we are truly automotive specialists.